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Most Instagram channels are just a collection of selfies; DISHROULETTE® is a collection of personal points of view that revolves around good food and good people. Everything at DISHROULETTE® has a reason to exist and a strong perspective. Our mission is to examine the world we live in and explore the things that provoke thought and conversation to awaken our sense of wonder.

Founded in 2016 to share and discover food in Chicago, DISHROULETTE® quickly evolved into a restaurant consulting service where we flipped struggling restaurants into profitable, sustainable businesses. We’ve now taken our restaurant expertise to create a food entertainment network featuring content that examines all things culture and food, while providing affordable marketing for restaurants. Our featured programming begins with Vegan AF hosted by Jackson and So You Think You Can Cook hosted by Adriana. Boring as Brian, and Cooking with Jerry are currently in the works. Through our network, we’ve been able to share experiences and perspectives with thousands of viewers which we’ve been able to leverage to provide affordable exposure to new restaurants in Chicago.

DISHROULETTE® was built by children of immigrants for children of immigrants.

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